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Find your own route to success. Find educational and educational materials to aid you in navigating an ever-changing landscape of skills.

Feature 01

Essential design principles for web developers

You'll be able to avoid some of the most frequent (and easily corrected) mistakes Web developers commit.

Feature 02

Learn about color theories... with no theory

Learn a simple process that can be used on any project to create an ideal colour palette every time.

Feature 03

Get rid of the blank canvas thinking of ideas

Design doesn't need to be complicated or time-consuming. Learn to think of innovative solutions in the moment.

Feature 04

Graphics and imagery for those who don't have the ability to draw

Even if you aren't able to draw straight lines isn't a reason to not incorporate images into your site.

Feature 05

Selecting the right fonts, and then using them as the pros

How to pick the best fonts among the crowd and then apply the best fonts to produce website typography amazing.

Feature 06

An entire dev-friendly workflow to your projects

I've put together the process of designing into a guideline for you to follow to move from an empty screen to stunning design.


Design plays a crucial part in the process of innovation and transformation in the creation of the products we purchase and the services we use and the built and digital environments that we live and interact in.

Students participating in the program will acquire the necessary skills to be able to tackle complicated problem-solving, as well as imaginative and critical thinking on a real-world problem.

The Design Academy challenge this year is "Ageing Well'. After extensive research and input from industry, Design Academy has been designed to enhance the programs in business, design as well as engineering faculties.

In its fourth year the school has assisted over 400 students in enhancing their potential for employment and also to help students to succeed through their education and their future jobs.

About the program

Design Academy students will work in multidisciplinary teams to come up with ideas to address the ageing-related challenge. They will implement the Design Council's preferred method of innovation, referred to as our 'Framework of Innovation'.

The framework has been successfully used to deliver successful transformation at large scale across thousands of public, private and third sector organizations.

The "Ageing Well challenge was developed to meet the pressure to develop cost-effective solutions to ensure the social, health and economic well-being of people older than.

It will require innovative thinking and collaborative methods to develop and test products, services, and locations that can improve the quality of life for people who are getting older.

Unlimited for all

Join us! 17,000 designers who have finally begun taking classes in design.

What you will get
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